ClearLight Life Education for Character-Building

ClearLight Life Education abandons old idioms and the language of dos and don’ts to impart character-building in learners by helping them understand and apply principles and values in their lives.

helps one to think clearly and positively, cultivate positive personalities and form positive connections leading to individual and societal progress, nation-buildingand global citizenship.

occurs when we apply principles, lessons and values in our lives. This helps us to succeed individually and become contributors to social, national and global progress.

Abandoning old idioms and the language of dos and don’ts, ClearLight imparts life education in the modern idiom by helping learners to understand and apply universal principles to life.

are developed through unbiased introspection, to respond positively even to negative situations by converting negative experiences into positive lessons and applying them in life.

is assured when we are duty-consciousness towards others. As people in society become giving, it pragmatically becomes a peaceful and progressive society.

can be developed by respecting all and responding positively to even negative situations. And our positive responses have the power to make even our enemies into our dearest friends.

is when citizens become aware and develop a universal outlook. Such awareness helps them to progress themselves and become contributors of societal, national and global citizenship.

is developed by looking at the positive aspect of everything: “Two men look out through the same bars: One sees the mud and one the stars.” – Fredrick Langbridge

is a long process of educating its citizens on positive lines. A beginning towards nation-building can be made by educating our youth for life by becoming dutiful and giving.

are universal values of life. Understanding and applying them to our lives we can cultivate positive personalities and form positive connections with others.

is essential to ClearLight Life Education. To progress we have to perform our duties. And as it is in giving that we receive, we also receive our rights in return in a pragmatic sense.


ClearLight Life Education Tools

ClearLight Life Education is India’s first nation-building platform that helps learners inculcate positive thinking, cultivate positive personalities and form positive connections with others in society towards societal progress and global citizenship.

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