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Life Education I EduTechnology

Navdeep Eduhub material inculcates core competencies in 21st Century learners like creative thinking, academic and technological aptitude, communication skills and life management.

Navdeep material for educators like school management, teachers and parents facilitates holistic life-long learning in learners using information and edutechnology.

Learners' EduTech material includes Textbooks integrated with technology like videos and digital tools and unique delivery methods like books, posters, websites, mobiles and social media.

Life Educators' Tools for schools-teachers-parents partnership facilitate teaching-learning through specially developed EduTech and assessment material using print and digital media.

Holistic Progress of learners is the target at the individual level by honing in their intellectual, emotional, academic, technological and life management skills.

National and Global Citizenship is the target at the social level for which the academic curriculum is infused with the academic, technological and life management skills based on duty-consciousness.


What is ClearLight?

ClearLight Life Education is a One-Stop Character-Building Platform that abandons old idioms and the language of dos and don’ts to impart life education in the modern idiom. The engaging stories encourage learners to cultivate positive thinking, develop positive personalities and form positive connections. Watch ClearLight Life Education Presentation